Shayari hindi love heart touching……रो मत देना ये शायरी देख कर


This shyarai is depend on love story,and generally what happened in one sided love.Nothing can compare to the pain of a broken heart and even worse, being refused by the person you love.
Because of that, songs, movies, poems, and quotes were born to help you cope with the pain when there is no one you can share your pain with.
Delve into the quotes and ease your pain with the quotes below:

My love for you has built me up and it is also the one which broke me down.

Will I only be allowed to look at the back of your head? Will I only be allowed to daydream about your sweet lips and your starry eyes? Will I only be allowed to forever thirst for your love until my heart forgets how to love?

I pray someday that you will learn how to love me but I plead fervently for the day that I will finally stop loving you.

I don’t think it will be possible for me to forget such dazzling eyes which captivated my every dream.

Every night I lose sleep thinking of you while you go to sleep soundly in the arms of someone else.

Let me drown in my slumber forever for in my beautiful dreams you are mine.

Every night, before I go to sleep, I ask God to grant me the strength to finally stop loving you.

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Here I am, breaking into tiny million pieces as you dance and succumb to his sweet kisses.

I actually hoped of hearing the words I’ve been whispering to you every day when you are not listening. I’ve yearn every second to be wrapped in those arms, safe and sound and loved. Oh, but I can only dream, I can only hope of someday, for you will never be mine.

You cannot erase the prints of someone you loved so much and gave you so many memories to look back to no matter how much time passes by.

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I trick my mind into hating everything about but I only end up falling even deeper and loving all of you.

Before you hit that send button, can you stop and look at yourself in the mirror. Is that the face of happiness or pity?

A thousand texts will not nudge his heart. Sweet love letters will not make him think of you, not even for a second. At some point, you have to wake up from this trance – he will never love you and that’s okay. Don’t waste your time on him when there is someone out there who actually does love you.

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