Tarpan – 1 तर्पण – 1 | Bharat Bhushan | Yah Asangati


‘Yah Asangati’ (The Trade-off)
Life is a trade-off of emotions, of expectations, of needs and of wants. Whoever one may be, there is always a difference between what you wish and what you get. The poet, Late Bharat Bhushan, is out to draw the picture of a person who, amidst the trade-off of the life, sails through the lake of life. Unfulfilled desires are always a driver for a poet’s creation. In this poem, the poet compares the life as desired and the life as got. Expect a flow of emotions and poetic melancholy as you go through this marvel from Late Bharat Bhushan. Who, but Dr Kumar Vishwas, the best of the lot, to take you through this journey.

Lyrics : Bharat Bhushan
Vocals and Composition : Dr Kumar Vishwas
Music Arrangement : Band Poetica
All Rights : KV Studio

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