Mujhe Tum Bhul Mat Jana I Hindi Sad shayari Gazal Video I Urdu Nazm Video I Once More Om


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Kisi Ke Ho Gaye To Kya
Kisi ko BHOOL mat jana Sad Love Pain Hindi Nazm Bewfa Shayari
Hindi Shayari Video Once More Om
किसी के हो गये, तो कया, किसी को, भूल मत जाना
ये लाजिम है, तुम्हें पाकर अकेले मे बहक जाना….
This poetry is about a girl and a boy were in love but ultimately girl got married to some one else and boy says forget me not even after you are married to some one else
Kisi aur Ke Ho Gaye Romantic Love Nazm Video Love Painsad love shayari Poetry Once More Om
Written & Narrated By : Om


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