Dr Kumar Vishwas on Rani Padmini


Dr Kumar Vishwas on Mewar Maharani Padmini:
A recital of Pt Narendra Mishra ji’s poem by me had made news in past two days. It trended on Twitter, it trended on Facebook and it’s still trending on YouTube. So, what made it viral? KUMAR VISHWAS ? NO! It’s the Heritage – Heritage of Mighty Mewar! Heritage of Respectful Rajasthan! Heritage of Ignited India! The recital is simple, but the poem is a bliss, and above all its about Maharani Padmavati, Gora and Badal, unparalleled gems of rich Mewar, known for its bravery, self-respect and honor. The way it is trending on social media is a sign of the love we Indians have for our decorated and rich heritage. Let this trend go beyond social media and trend in our hearts, lifelong! Share this echo maximum 🙏

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