Beautiful Love Shayari in Hindi Fonts with Love Images for Bf Gf


Love is a strong feeling of affection. We express love in many ways. Some people go for in saying all his/her heart out, while some people go for cards and gifts. The way is not the important thing, as love finds its way somehow, especially if we love someone from the core of our heart. Similarly we can use love Shayari to speak our heart out. Love Shayaris are a few lines of poem written in Urdu/Hindi language. The best part about Shayari is, you can make your own love Shayari and send it to your beloved. There are numerous Shayaris on the net from which you can take help from. You can even use them for your status updates, stories in Whatsapp, instagram and hike. This is the best way to express your heart out in front of your lover and surely your lover cannot resist the beauty of Love Shayaris.
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