Bachelor Bash | 1st July 2018 | Raj | Deepti | Merry Go Round | Canvas Laugh Club Gurgaon


Everybody aspires to live the Bachelor part again and again. For every bachelor, there is always as thick as blood type flatmate. This play is about two such flatmates Raj (An IT professional) and Aakash (a copywriter). One evening Raj gets a decent proposal from his girlfriend and then Aakash makes a plan to celebrate it. The next 24 hours is then mayhem.

Scandal in a bar, hangovers, a missing bai, robbery and an encounter with prospective in-laws. An original story by Tarun Dangwal and adapted and directed by Saurav Padhi, this play explores the dynamism of the so-called underground section of the society with a few humorous twists and turns in the tale.


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